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Welcome at Hilly´s Pro Shop
Hi Mates and welcome to my online shop.
The Name is Hillys Pro Shop and my name is
Anthony Hill.

For those who forgot about me in the past 10 years, this is me!

You can buy online here - you can test anytime a racquet
in my presence or during a lesson, you can buy a racquet
anytime at me.

All racquets here have been tested by myself and my father
in coaching and in tournament use
and therfore I can guarantee the quality of the products.

I am convinced, that you take your best racquet ever of this page.
My personal choice is MC 3 by STEALTH Ti

Now enjoy my shop

Anthony Hill
( Hilly )
Aktuelle Topangebote
Bild zum Artikel:: MC 3 by STEALTH Ti

MC 3 thats the original racquet I ve been using for a while. Perfect mixture of power, control and feel. Official Price: 199.00 Euros / pcs. My ...zum Produkt

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